SPOT Impact Toolkit Development

SPOT Impact Toolkit Development

Developing the SPOT Impact Toolkit: The Co-creative Process 

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The co-creation process aims to Co-create a tool (kit) to support clinical care provision for women with HDP remote from term based on their predicted risk of adverse outcomes, risk communication, and shared-decision making

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The SPOT toolkit is a collection of tools that aim to enhance the quality of care provided to pregnant women with hypertensive disorders remote from term. The toolkit is designed to predict their absolute risk, communicate the risk, and make a shared decision. The development of the toolkit was a co-creative process that involved healthcare professionals and patients.

The toolkit was initially designed as a singular tool but was later replaced by the idea of a toolkit as it became evident that a one-size-fits-all approach would not be effective in bridging the communication gap.

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Phases 1 and 2: preliminary data collection and review

These phases involved reviewing the co-creation methodology, applying for an ethics review, conducting literature reviews, engaging with stakeholders, conducting interviews, and facilitating focused group discussions.

Phases 3 and 4: additional data collection and prototype development

In these phases, the prototype components will be developed and assembled. Additionally, follow-up workshops will be conducted with survivors and healthcare providers. This is the current phase of the project.

Phases 5 and 6: Implementation and evaluation 

Phase 5 is the implementation phase. During this phase, the team will focus on using the tool in clinical contexts with stakeholders previously engaged. Phase 6 is the Evaluation of the impact of the developed tool on the provision and experience of care and health outcomes. Additionally, the team will prepare comprehensive  reports 

Newsletter update on some recent SPOT Impact Co-creation activities: uitklapper, klik om te openen


  • Interns from the 2024 cohort: Dr. Becky-Bianca Dede Akiti, Dr. Emmanuel Osei Mensah, Dr. Angel Abena Tiwaa Acheampong, and Dr. Henrietta Dede Naki Ologo.

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