SPOT-studies overview

The SPOT-studies aim to improve the quality of care for women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. We have four overall objectives:

  1. To externally validate the fullPIERS and miniPIERS prediction models, and develop a simple, user friendly, numeric Severe Pre-eclampsia adverse Outcome Triage (SPOT) score to assist clinical decision making in severe early pre-eclampsia (SPOT-VAL).
  2. To quantify the relationship between fetal (and maternal) APOL1 status and preeclampsia and assess whether this can predict pre-eclampsia (SPOT-BIO).
  3. To understand the views on ‘good care’ of various stakeholders in the care of Hypertension Disorders in Pregnancy (HDP): health professionals, health management and pregnant women themselves.
  4. To assess impact of SPOT-score combined with shared-decision making tool implementation (SPOT-impact).
  5. To assess the incidence of mental health disorders among women with pregnancies complicated by an early HDP.

The SPOT-studies are funded by: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dutch Research Council (NWO), University of Tennessee and the UMC Utrecht; with extensive in-kind support from all consortium members. 

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